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A Star Machines Fog Machine and Smoke Machine Product

Fog Machine & Smoke Machine

Fog machine is a device that creates artificial Smoke
A Star Machines Bubble Machine Product

Single Bubble Machine

These gadgets can make a lot of bubble
A Star Machines Double Bubble Machine Product

Double Bubble Machine

Double Bubble Machine is an unbelievable redirection for making ascend for weddings
Dry Ice Low Fog Machine

Dry Ice Low Fog Machine

Dry Low Fog machine is a device that creates artificial Dense Smoke
A Star Machines Fog Machine Gun and Smoke Machine Gun Product

Fog Machine & Smoke Machine Gun

Smoke Machine Gun is a gadget that makes counterfeit Fog
A Star Machines Upper Smoke Machine and Upper Fog Machine Product

Upper Fog Machine & Smoke Machine

Upper Smoke Machine is a device to create smoke on Upper Side
A Star Machines Double Fog machine and Smoke Machine

Double Fog Machine & Smoke Machine

Double Fog machine is a device that makes Dense Fog with two nozzle
A Star Machines 360 Photo Booth Product

360 Photo Booth

360 Photo Booth, can catch a sluggish movement video from all points
A Star Machines Mirror Ball Product

Mirror Ball

A Mirror ball is a generally circular article that mirrors light coordinated at it in numerous bearings,
A Star Machines Fog Liquid and Smoke Liquid Product

Fog Liquid & Smoke Liquid

Fog liquid produces white clouds of smoke when it is used with fog machine.
A Star Machines Bubble Liquid

Bubble Liquid

Bubble Liquid Produces Artificial Colorful Bubbles
A Star Machines Snow Liquid Product

Snow Liquid

Snow Liquid Produces Amazing Realistic Snow Effect With No Residue
A Star Machines DJ Par Light Stand Product

DJ Light Stand

DJ Light Stand are used for the installation of lights for the DJ
A Star Machines Snow Machine Product

Snow Machine

Snow Machine Produces Artificial Snow With Non Toxic
A Star Machines DJ Par Light Product

Par Light

Par Light Contains Different Color Lights for the better effect in parties
A Star Machines Dry Ice Fog Pot Product

Dry Ice Fog Pot

Dry Ice Fog Pot/Matka Produce Smoke With Great amount of density
A Star Machines Double Crystal Ball Product

Double Crystal Ball

Crystal Ball Produces Different Colors and color can be changed with the program selected.
A Star Machines Flicker Light Product

Flicker Light

Flicker Light produces Flickering in the light