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A Star Machines Fog Machine and Smoke Machine Product

Fog Machine & Smoke Machine

Fog machine is a device that creates artificial Smoke
A Star Machines Bubble Machine Product

Single Bubble Machine

These gadgets can make a lot of bubble
A Star Machines Double Bubble Machine Product

Double Bubble Machine

Double Bubble Machine is an unbelievable redirection for making ascend for weddings
A Star Machines outdoor bubble machine 2

Outdoor Bubble Machine

A machine intended to continuously make bubbles in an outside setting is known as an outdoor bubble machine
Co2 Paper Gun 1

Co2 Paper Gun

A joyful tool for creating spectacular confetti showers during festivals and festivities is the confetti paper gun.
A Star Machines Fan Wheel

Upper Fog Machine & Smoke Machine

A Star Machines' Double Fan Wheel is a state-of-the-art pyrotechnic tool that may enhance events with captivating visual effects.
A Star Machines 360 Photo Booth Product

360 Photo Booth

360 Photo Booth, can catch a sluggish movement video from all points
A Star Machines Fog Machine Gun and Smoke Machine Gun Product

Fog Machine & Smoke Machine Gun

Smoke Machine Gun is a gadget that makes counterfeit Fog
A Star Machines Upper Smoke Machine and Upper Fog Machine Product

Upper Fog Machine & Smoke Machine

Upper Smoke Machine is a device to create smoke on Upper Side
Double Smoke Machine Side View

Double Fog Machine & Smoke Machine

Double Fog machine is a device that makes Dense Fog with two nozzle
Dry Ice Low Fog Machine

Dry Ice Low Fog Machine

Dry Low Fog machine is a device that creates artificial Dense Smoke
A Star Machines Mirror Ball Product

Mirror Ball

A Mirror ball is a generally circular article that mirrors light coordinated at it in numerous bearings,
A Star Machines Fog Liquid and Smoke Liquid Product

Fog Liquid & Smoke Liquid

Fog liquid produces white clouds of smoke when it is used with fog machine.
A Star Machines Bubble Liquid

Bubble Liquid

Bubble Liquid Produces Artificial Colorful Bubbles
A Star Machines Snow Liquid Product

Snow Liquid

Snow Liquid Produces Amazing Realistic Snow Effect With No Residue
A Star Machines DJ Par Light Stand Product

DJ Light Stand

DJ Light Stand are used for the installation of lights for the DJ
A Star Machines Snow Machine Product

Snow Machine

Snow Machine Produces Artificial Snow With Non Toxic
A Star Machines DJ Par Light Product

Par Light

Par Light Contains Different Color Lights for the better effect in parties
A Star Machines Dry Ice Fog Pot Product

Dry Ice Fog Pot

Dry Ice Fog Pot/Matka Produce Smoke With Great amount of density
A Star Machines Double Crystal Ball Product

Double Crystal Ball

Crystal Ball Produces Different Colors and color can be changed with the program selected.
A Star Machines Flicker Light Product

Flicker Light

Flicker Light produces Flickering in the light
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